What's better than one girl? Three girls! It's LOVE times THREE with the heroines in this harem romantic comedy!

LOVE3 -Love Cube-

Relesing on July 26 2019!

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Things are looking grim for down-on-his-luck hentai manga artist, Ichinari Tsuzurigi. He's struggling to even afford his meager rent, and is seriously considering giving up on his dream, until... His editor, Akira Higashibojo, who's always looking out for him, offers him a position as an assistant to one of the top dogs in the adult comics industry! Thinking of it as a last hurrah, Ichinari accepts. Lo and behold, said top dog turns out to be none other than Ichinari's childhood friend, Iori Shitaka, with whom he made a childhood promise to become manga artists together. Also working as an assistant is dojinshi artist of the moment Nodoka Amabane. Ichinari was her Senpai in manga club during high school, and taught her how to draw. Shocked but elated at this unexpected reunion, Ichinari discovers that a certain god has taken an interest in their wishes and blessed them with interconnecting "Fates" that will forever change the course of his life. And so Ichinari finds himself working on sexy manga while living with a group of women whose burgeoning feelings can't be ignored...


Ichinari's childhood friend may look like the calm and collected type, but in reality she's easy to make blush...and wet.

Iori Shitaka

Ultra-popular and one of the most famous hentai manga artists in the industry. As childhood friends, she and Ichinari made a promise to pursue their dreams to become manga artists. She continued to work her hardest, with that promise and those feelings in the back of her mind, and before she knew it...she was drawing erotic manga?! Still, believing that if she continues drawing manga she'll one day be reunited with Ichinari, she pours her heart and soul into her porn. Sometimes she worries about the number of pairs of panties she gets through when she's working alone...
My dreams from back then, and my feelings - they haven't changed, Ichinari.
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A sweet yet sexy vixen on the outside, but inside she's pure, innocent (?) and hopelessly devoted to her Senpai.


A manga artist in one of the most popular dojinshi circles in the fan comics world. Ichinari was her Senpai and the only other member in their high school's manga club. He graduated before she could work up the courage to confess her feelings to him, but she's kept drawing manga to this day in the hope that she would meet him again. She was always a diamond in the rough, but she's now polished up nicely. Her path to drawing porn was opened up to her by a scene in a magical girl anime where the heroine was tormented by the enemy, and behind her sweet outward appearance lies hidden - and kinky - depths!
I worked my hardest so that, this time, I'll have no regrets.
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This powerful woman isn't to be trifled with, but as Ichinari's Onee-chan she tends to let him get away with almost anything.


Ichinari and Iori's editor. Being super into judo, she's never afraid to be blunt and get straight to the point. Ichinari was her first client, and she soon found herself falling for him. She's got that big sister vibe to her and, although she can come down on him harshly, mostly she's putty in Ichinari's hands. Her employers never refund her expenses, and she's always crying about her meager salary and terrible working conditions. (edited)
Don't worry - if worst comes to worst, I'll marry you and make you a kept man. Even if you die, a true man does it facing forward♪
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God's love

When Ichinari enters the holy grail of workplaces in the manga world to meet his new boss for the first time, his eyes meet those of the great artist herself...while she's in the middle of some self-love?! Well aware that any slip-up can mean permanent industry exile, Ichinari prepares himself for certain death. But, rather than the end, this is the start of his new life...

Bowled over by big sis

"You're working so hard." "Let me do this for you." "You're fine as you are." Ichiro's always being coddled and smothered by his overbearing Onee-chan editor. She even forgives him for the occasional sneak peek at her boobs?he's just a healthy young guy, after all. She takes her role as a surrogate sister to extremes, and has even offered to marry and provide for him if he finds himself truly on the brink.

Drinks at the Black Cat

The girls head out to their favorite watering hole, the Black Cat, to celebrate reuniting with Ichinari after all these years. All being of legal drinking age, they let their cups runneth over. As Ichinari sits there sipping at a cocktail that costs the same as three square meals, he finds himself all a-fluster as the tipsy girls start to drape themselves all over him.

The pure-hearted vixen

The once frumpy and sweetly naive caterpillar has evolved into a sexy and stylish butterfly. But her blossoming big city transformation was all for the day she would meet Ichinari again, and this vixen is still a pure, devoted girl at heart.

The vixen's tits

Nodoka and Ichinari head to a private outdoor bath as a break from work. While they're enjoying the feel of hot water on bare skin, naughty Nodoka gets him in the mood for some boob play.

Harem, please!

Out of the "Fates" the gods have blessed him with, Ichinari is forced to pick which of the girls is his favorite. But they're all so cute and open with their affections?how could he possibly choose?!

Onee-chan returns the favor

After their date in Chinatown, Akira's in the mood, so they head to a hotel. In return for getting her all hot and bothered, Onee-chan rewards him with a special treat in the form of her tasty tits.

A decade of feelings

After their date, Iori, unable to control herself any longer, invites Ichinari to a hotel. Iori's a closet masochist, and Ichinari soon has her at his mercy and begging like the girls in her hentai manga.


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Erotic Scene Sample Video


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Relesing on July 26 2019
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